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We engage with people and institutions across the globe with the goal of elevating the world through education.

Transforming education, globally!

We, at ABC Business Academy are dedicated to transforming education through giving the emphasis on practical entrepreneurial skills, filling the increasing gap in hands-on experience among the students. Whether your goal is to advance in your profession or to start your own career path, we offer best business summer schools and executive programs that empower young individuals around the world to become tomorrow’s leaders in business.

  • Improving skills

    Improve various skills – brainstorming, leadership styles, market research and strategies – essential to a successful professional and personal life.
  • Networking

    Opportunity to spend time with like-minded, success-driven individuals from all over the world and to make friendships for life or to find a potential business partner!
  • Gaining experience

    Study in a foreign environment and learn from the most innovative companies and business mentors in the world.
  • Getting out of your comfort zone

    Research shows that employers are more likely to hire students and young professionals who are willing to take a step further and build an outstanding resume with extra-curricular activities.
  • Traveling

    Travel contributes greatly to personal growth of individuals, and it improves social skills as well as foreign language skills, while discovering other cultures and parts of the world.

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A truly unique experience in a truly unique city. If you ever wondered how to get started with your business idea, that's the place to be. Combining a hands-on mentality with regards to teaching and insightful company visits makes the Toronto Business Academy a must for every future entrepreneur!
Jakob Doller, Austria


Have you ever imagined the moment when you will be expanding your company or launching a startup product to a new market? How will you approach that situation? Sit on the plane with a business plan in your hands and just fly there on your own? Connections open many business opportunities. For this reason, we are giving you the chance to be part of our exclusive Alumni network and have access to the worldwide professional network of our participants from all programs and all years!


Our ambassadors are former participants who take an active stand in raising awareness of our business school programs. They are at your disposal during the whole journey to your professional and personal growth; not just during the summer academy, but also before and after! You can contact them for any questions, tips, advice and assistance related to the program you are interested in.

The best Investment is investment in YOURSELF!

A whopping 73% of employers cited study abroad as very important when evaluating the resumes of a job candidate.
Students who studied abroad are 93% more likely to find a job than those college graduates who did not study abroad.
56% of respondents agreed that studying abroad contributed to developing skills and intercultural competencies, which contributed to establishing their first company.
Broaden your network with like-minded people from more than 30 different countries form around the world.

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