ABC BootCamps + Future Learning = expansion! ?

To perpetuate the entry into the sixth year of doing business, ABC BootCamps has some exciting news to share! Read below and find out what we have prepared for all of you, students and young professionals that are following us on our journey ever since.

International ABC Family!

6 years, 3 opened locations and numerous students that changed their lives by joining one of the programs of ABC BootCamps. It sounds idyllic, but it truly is and we can’t be more proud of it. Some of them have even joined all three locations during the three years of their college studies and this means a world to us. This means we are doing something right and that students are repeatedly returning to experience it one more time, however on different locations learning different skills.

New location…

For this reason, we have realized we should move forward, offer new programs and have those students coming back to their already known system of summer education at ABC BootCamps – because that’s what they asked for! When we were thinking of a new location and program outline, we have met amazing educational institutions. They were all very keen to work with ABC and offer summer experience at their location. However, Future Learning, a company from Ireland was our best match and we can’t be more excited to share this awesome business partnership with all of you!

Our new ABC BootCamps location is….. DUBLIN! And our crash course is focused on digital marketing strategy!

Why Dublin?

This global and entrepreneurial city with a bright future and people that are flocking here to share in its success is the place to be! That’s why we are giving you the chance to come and feel it as well! Dublin’s educational system is one of Europe’s best with the close relationship between educational institutions and the private sector. The business climate is tempting, which has brought many famous companies to Dublin, such as Facebook, Paypal, Adobe, Google, AirBNB, IBM, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more….
This, but also an amazing student city, English speaking environment and an adjective that best describes Dublin – “digital mecca of Europe” have been enough for us to make a big decision and bring our program to this amazing city!

Many learning opportunities for students in this digital mecca of Europe.

Dublin Business Academy

The first edition of Dublin Business Academy Summer School will take place at the end of August 2020, with first international participants, a.k.a. digital marketing geeks. Our crash course will last for 1 week only, as it is intended to be intensive with a strong focus on digital marketing strategy. Our academic director prof. dr. Carsten Bartsch, professor of Marketing and Strategy at HDBW Hochschule in Germany, visiting professor at HHL Leipzig Graduate School, Politecnico di Milano and many more… will guide young individuals who join the course throughout the course.

Prof. dr. Carsten Bartsch on his favorite stage – a classroom full of students.

Students will create a digital marketing strategy for a company of their own choice with the help of the professor, numerous mentors and guest speakers. They will give insights into the specific topics that need to be understood before tapping into a digital marketing strategy.
Students will learn and cover the following topics.

Topics include: Evolution of Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Digital Marketing vs. Digital Business Models and creating a comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy.

Benefits for joining

The city itself, the environment and business culture are just a small part of why you should think about joining the course. We have written a few bullet points that we would like to point out to someone who wishes to apply:

– Stay up to digital trends and learn all about the digital tools, marketing channels, and digital business models.
Develop a professional and comprehensive digital marketing strategy for your own startup or company you work for! This can be an awesome asset to the company’s management or marketing team.
Meet and connect with other individuals that are interested in developing a career in marketing and grow your network!
Experience Dublin headquartered companies and learn from their experience in digital strategy.
Unforgettable summer experience in the digital capital of Europe!

Digital marketing strategy in its making…

What else do you need? Check the Dublin Business Academy webpage, start thinking digital and learn in the heart of Europe’s digital business capital! Apply now for Dublin Business Academy!