About us

Our Vision

is to become a leading platform, serving as a bridge between the academic and business world and start-up & corporate world at the same time, with the main goal of transferring applied knowledge to young individuals through the international experience.

Our Mission

is to facilitate business education through the platform of our programs, conferences, seminars, summits and courses, which are designed to enable a higher employability or representing the first step towards becoming an entrepreneur.

Who we are

ABC Business Academy was established in 2014, when the founders recognised the need to bridge the skill gap between the schooling system and the modern corporate world. Not satisfied with their own experiences at University, they felt that courses did not equip students with the skills they required for the competitive business world.

To help conquer this issue ABC Business Academy was formed, with a focus on gaining applied knowledge and skills in order to succeed in the corporate world. ABC Business Academy is dedicated to transforming education through emphasising practical knowledge and hands on experience with world leading Professors and Corporate Partners.

Offering 4 short summer educational programs in Toronto, Munich, Silicon Valley and Dublin. ABC Business Academy brings together young ambitious students and individuals. Allowing them to experience first hand the world leading companies and enter the corporate world ready to make an impact.

ABC Business Academy is a part of ABC Group

ABC Business Academy is a part of ABC Accelerator, which is a private acceleration group dedicated to the best entrepreneurs from all over the world. Focusing on strong, globally ambitious start-ups with a finished product, ABC accelerates multiple generations of start-ups every year. It sources start-ups through a Global network of institutions, such as incubators, universities, and co-working spaces, and brings them towards its network of investors and corporations.

ABC group is strategically connected to large, multinational enterprises, like IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, BMW, LinkedIn and Twitter. It is also supported by Harvard and Berkeley Universities, private investors and a lot of start-ups. Through this collaboration, ABC can offer its accelerated companies a very wide network and unique access to potential customers, as well as ensuring investment and a push to the global market.


HQ / Europe

HDA Rockcellence d.o.o., ABC Accelerator

Šmartinska cesta 152

1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

VAT number: SI27885950

Corporation number: 8109338000

Bank account: Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, Pristaniška ulica 14, 4000 Koper, Slovenia

Swift Code: BAKOSI2X

International bank account number: SI56 101000056452346

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