About us

Our Vision

is to become a leading platform, serving as a bridge between the academic and business world and start-up & corporate world at the same time, with the main goal of transferring applied knowledge to young individuals through the international experience.

Our Mission

is to facilitate business education through the platform of our programs, conferences, seminars, summits and courses, which are designed to enable a higher employability or representing the first step towards becoming an entrepreneur.

Who we are

ABC Business Academy was established in 2014, when the founders recognised the need to bridge the skill gap between the schooling system and the modern corporate world. Not satisfied with their own experiences at University, they felt that courses did not equip students with the skills they required for the competitive business world.

To help conquer this issue ABC Business Academy was formed, with a focus on gaining applied knowledge and skills in order to succeed in the corporate world. ABC Business Academy is dedicated to transforming education through emphasising practical knowledge and hands on experience with world leading Professors and Corporate Partners.

Offering 3 short summer educational programs in Toronto, Munich and Silicon Valley, ABC Business Academy brings together young ambitious students and individuals. Allowing them to experience first hand the world leading companies and enter the corporate world ready to make an impact.

I am a passion-driven entrepreneur working internationally - with a focus in North America and Europe. A leader by nature determined to achieve the goals of my company accompanied by success. We recognized the need for practical education and this led us to start ABC Business Academies which is on a mission to create an international education platform that provides young professionals with the right tools to take their business from idea to inception. Given my leadership DNA and finance mind, I make sure that our overall strategy is constantly in line with our vision - meanwhile, getting micro with the day-day operations/finances to ensure long-term success.
David Aleš
Hey there! It’s Jus, and I'm the Co-Founder of ABC Business Academy. We started this initiative to answer a pain-point for many students and give them a solution that can recharge their life and kickstart their career. Unlike most university programs, ABC Business Academy emphasizes practical hands-on experience. It looks to bridge the gap between the knowledge learned from academia and the skillsets taught by the real-world. Whether it’s engaging professors, interesting courses, or inspiring keynote speakers, you’ll find what it is you’re looking for on this journey. Joining ABC is not just about what you learn, but also who you meet. We really stress the importance of building and maintaining friendships throughout this process and our network gives you access to thousands of like-minded individuals - who are hungry, driven, and excited to make a difference in the world. There’s a powerful, yet simple quote that says “the world doesn’t change by your opinions but by your actions.” So, what action will you take today, now? To make the rest of your life, the best of your life.
Juš Dobnikar
Sebastjan Oblak
Program Director
I am a big tech & entrepreneurship lover and most importantly happy at what I do. I consider myself to be a fun, creative & intelligent young professional, who is trying to improve himself everyday. Few years back my passion for gaming introduced me to VR and I immediately fell in love with it. Now, immersive technologies are an inevitable change, and the industry is growing well. With all of these new technologies we have an opportunity to change the way we live, work, travel and the way children/students are taught. So why not do it?  Passionate about: - Esports - VR/AR - Football/Soccer Cut me and I bleed creativity (but please take my word for it).
Tim Robič
Business Development Manager
Being connected to the organization since she joined as a participant in year 2016, Doris has been growing with(in) our ABC family. Her study abroad experiences made her being passionate about traveling, meeting other cultures and living abroad, which is why she fits our organization perfectly. She loves to create order where there is chaos and enjoys organizing events, taking care of every detail and making sure everyone is enjoying the process. She describes herself as positive, self-initiative introvert that is always orientated to the goal and success. In ABC team, she is the one ready to answer all your questions and concerns and your „mum” while you are on the program.
Doris Čurlin
Admissions and Logistics Manager
As a participant on the Toronto program in 2017, Jane has seen first hand the amazing opportunities that ABC Business Academy offers to it’s students. She has been working with the team since 2017, firstly as an ambassador and has now taken a more involved role in the organisation. Jane is passionate about working with young people to aid their personal development and exposure to new experiences. As an avid traveller, she loves to explore new cultures and ways of life. Being part of the ABC team she thrives on meeting and getting to know participants from around the globe.
Jane Myers
Assistant Admissions Manager
The versatility of my abilities and interests allows me to express my serious & organised side, as well as my creative & passionate one through each and every one of my endeavors. Possessing the features of both a lawyer and an entrepreneur makes for an ideal set of assets a Generaral Counsel of the ABC Business Academy should have. A certain dose of resourcefulness and imagination is needed to understand how to realize and enable all the crazy and out-of-the-box ideas my colleagues have, and I pride myself in doing just that with the law & business knowledge I have acquired so far. All great ideas are risky and taking them on can be venturesome, so I am there to make sure my colleagues don’t fly too close to the sun, while still enabling them to continue to be groundbreaking, ambitious and successful.
Jaka Rogelj
General Counsel
Laszlo Gyorffy, M.S., is the President of the Enterprise Development Group, an international consulting and training firm headquartered in Silicon Valley. For over 25 years, he has worked with organizations around the globe to expand the possible; helping them refocus, redesign, and reenergize their business strategies and innovation practices to succeed in an increasingly dynamic and demanding market place. Laszlo is the lead instructor for ABC Business Academy’s Silicon Valley program, He co-authored Creating Value with CO-STAR: An Innovation Tool for Perfecting and Pitching your Brilliant Ideas as well as The Global Innovation Science Handbook. He is also a certified instructional designer and trainer who has delivered innovation programs for the BBC, EDF Energy, Egmont International, Homeland Security, Hewlett Packard, Kaiser Permanente, Lam Research, Panasonic, Panera Bread, Phillips, Samsung, SRI International, Stanford University, Swisscom, Thailand Management Association, UniCredit, and Universal Music Group.
Laszlo Gyorffy
Silicon Valley Academy
Having worked in the private sector for most of his career, Peter transferred his talents for “consultative sales” into “consultative teaching” as a business professor and program coordinator for entrepreneurship and small business at Seneca College in Toronto, Canada. Previously at Durham College, in Oshawa, Canada, where he developed and managed 32 applied research and commercialization projects in collaboration with small and medium-sized companies. In the private sector Peter launched and managed products and services to markets in Canada, the United States and Europe for companies ranging in size from three-person start-up to Fortune 500. He started his career in major account sales at NCR and sales management at IBM. Peter’s vertical market experience includes Financial Services, Construction, Legal, Telco, Automotive, Energy Management, Solar and Wind Power, Software Development, K-12 & Post-Secondary Education, and SMEs.
prof. Peter Forint
Toronto Business Academy
With over 25 Years of consistent senior-level marketing success and revenue generation, Toussaint has been a pivotal member of several corporate management, marketing, and large consulting teams; bringing creative energy and marketing focus to high-level strategic planning and decision-making. His CMO-level creative marketing abilities are enhanced by a strong profit orientation and driven by challenges; as well as motivated by the opportunity to add value. As the Founder, Managing Partner and Principal of Xavier & Associates, Inc., a global corporate strategy and marketing consulting firm specializing in aiding its clients with strategic growth opportunities, Toussaint has worked with a large number of leading and innovative organizations; from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Toussaint has led multidisciplinary teams; analysts, and advisors; working on multiple projects simultaneously. He has acted as liaison, and meeting facilitator, between cross functional groups including; business leads, subject matter experts, testers, and software/web development teams.
prof. Toussaint Xavier
Toronto Business Academy
Prof. Dr. Carsten Bartsch studied Business Administration in Saarbruecken, Midland and Washington (D.C.) and completed his Ph.D. in Marketing in 2001 at HHL – Leipzig Graduate School of Management. He currently serves as Vice-President, Director of Business Programs and Professor for Marketing and Strategy at HDBW – Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft his background is in consulting – as Project-Manager with a spin-off of an international consulting firm and afterwards as founding CEO of an SME-focused consulting company – and in industry – as business unit director for a leading manufacturer of medical devices. He serves as visiting Professor at MIP (Milan), as doctoral supervisor at the University of Gloucestershire and holds regular teaching assignments in Helsinki, Antwerp, Leipzig, Dornbirn.
prof. dr. Carsten Bartsch
Munich Business Academy
Prof. Dr. Carsten Bartsch studied Business Administration in Saarbruecken, Midland and Washington (D.C.) and completed his Ph.D. in Marketing in 2001 at HHL – Leipzig Graduate School of Management. He currently serves as Vice-President, Director of Business Programs and Professor for Marketing and Strategy at HDBW – Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft his background is in consulting – as Project-Manager with a spin-off of an international consulting firm and afterwards as founding CEO of an SME-focused consulting company – and in industry – as business unit director for a leading manufacturer of medical devices. He serves as visiting Professor at MIP (Milan), as doctoral supervisor at the University of Gloucestershire and holds regular teaching assignments in Helsinki, Antwerp, Leipzig, Dornbirn.
prof. dr. Carsten Bartsch
Ana is an internationally respected entrepreneur, visionary & inspirational speaker. A strategist at heart, Ana is passionate about people & frequently addresses large audiences, including TEDx, in the U.S. & Europe to share insights into business success, personal growth & philanthropic leadership. Educated at San Jose State University with a major in international business (full athletic tennis scholarship), Ana went on to receive her MBA. In 2012, Slovenian National Newspaper named Ana National Person of the Year & in 2013 she was named National Woman of the Year by a respected Slovenian lifestyle magazine. Among her top honors, Slovenian President Pahor recognized her in 2012 for her outstanding achievement in philanthropy & ethical leadership. In 2015, she received the Ethics & Social Responsibility award from the European Union Association. Most recently, she was nominated for Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award. She is considered as one of the most influential woman for the future. She is a Managing Director at ABC Silicon Valley. As CEO of BE-EL, Ana also cofounded other international entities & is on the Advisory Board of Eligma (www.eligma.io). Ana founded her non-profit organization Anina zvezdica (Ana’s Little Star), which is the biggest, transparent non-profit organization in Slovenia & has helped over 150,000 families. Ana's Little Star is also active in California.

Ana Lukner Roljic, Msc
Seasoned top executive with back ground in telecommunications, automotive, industry, and security, the perfect background for the new age, such as IoT, smart cars, Industrie 4.0. Leadership roles such as Member of the Management Board of Infineon Technologies AG (CTO & CMO), Corporate Vice President of Intel Corp, USA, and President & Managing Director of Intel Deutschland GmbH built a rich experience in business, customer relations, technology, and innovation in diverse and quickly changing markets. After his successful career in MNCs he is now sought after for advisory roles such as independent member in board of directors or board of advisors or industry associations. As an angel investor he is engaged in the Silicon Valley as well as Munich/Germany to transform innovations into businesses.
Prof. Dr. Hermann Eul
Julie Smithson’s personal mission is ‘to inspire and educate the next generation of young entrepreneurs to think and act in a socially, economically and environmentally responsible way’.  It is through this lens, she runs the operations at MetaVRse, one of the world’s leading XR consulting and product development companies.  Julie’s passion for education and community has lead her to become the Co-President of the VR/AR Association, Toronto Chapter.  She is also part of the Education Committee. Previously, Julie was Co-founder of Emulator, the world’s most advanced DJ system, which won the DJ Mag Innovative Product Award.  She has been on the hit TV show Dragons’ Den, featured in the Toronto Star, Produced TEDx Toronto (2010), and introduced coding in VR at Canada Learns Code. Julie & Alan Smithson have dedicated 25% of their personal equity in MetaVRse to fund a future education platform called Unlimited Awesome Academy.
Julie Smithson
John brings over 20 years of public accounting experience as an Assurance Partner to help clients grow their business. Working with a diverse array of clients, his approach is to get to know the business first-hand by listening and understanding the owner-manager’s business and personal concerns. In collaboration with the client, John prioritizes business goals and assists in developing appropriate recommendations to preserve and grow the family’s business assets. John recently published a chapter on “Tax Strategies for the Owner Manager” and is a member of the Independent Review Committee of Portland Investment Counsel Inc. “Each family business is unique,” notes John. “It’s my job to understand the needs of the business and family, and provide the owners the individual attention they deserve.” John finds that meeting his clients outside of the boardroom helps him better understand their goals. His approach is to get to know the business first-hand by walking through the facility, meeting the employees and understanding what the business is all about. “Getting to know the clients personally helps me to develop the most appropriate recommendations to protect the family and the business’s net worth.” Working closely with his clients, John shares his personal experience in strategic acquisitions and financing to help businesses prosper. John’s expertise also extends to planning for real estate transactions with an emphasis to minimize tax.
John Doma FCPA, FCA
Wayne is a principled Silicon Valley engineering leader with over 30 years of experience in the computer systems and software business, including operating systems, system design, enterprise data storage systems and software/firmware development. As at Storage Engineering Director at NetApp, possesses a proven record of growing and leading high-performance teams that work cross-functionally to deliver customer-centric solutions on schedule, on budget and with high quality. By striving to form strong working relationships with Product Management, Finance, Manufacturing Operations and Customer Support, has refined an innovative mindset around new product development that also supports the operational requirements of the business in an ever-changing competitive landscape.
Wayne Booth

ABC Business Academy is a part of ABC Group

ABC Business Academy is a part of ABC Accelerator, which is a private acceleration group dedicated to the best entrepreneurs from all over the world. Focusing on strong, globally ambitious start-ups with a finished product, ABC accelerates multiple generations of start-ups every year. It sources start-ups through a Global network of institutions, such as incubators, universities, and co-working spaces, and brings them towards its network of investors and corporations.

ABC group is strategically connected to large, multinational enterprises, like IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, BMW, LinkedIn and Twitter. It is also supported by Harvard and Berkeley Universities, private investors and a lot of start-ups. Through this collaboration, ABC can offer its accelerated companies a very wide network and unique access to potential customers, as well as ensuring investment and a push to the global market.


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