Born in Belgium, studying Corporate Finance in Ghent.

Benoit ‘smiles’ his way through life and is always in the mood for an adventure.

TBA lifetime adventure helped him step outside his comfort zone.
Benoit Luyts
Born in Portugal, graduated as a Biological Engineer.

A dreamer, travel lover and versatile person.

TBA helped her to develop business skills she was missing.
Catarina Cajada
Born in Germany, studying Business Informatics, dream career of a SAP consultant. Passionate about economics, sports and travelling, combining travelling and learning.

TBA is an amazing way of seeing the world.
Christopher Nagel
Student of Finance and Marketing, co-founder of a student consulting company.

Passionate about travelling, social work and languages.

TBA experience gave her an international perspective of business, but also helped her to gain friends and expand business networks.
Cinthya Zurita Ortiz
Graduated in International Relations, passionate about sports, travels, history and good jazz.

At TBA, he gained better expertise in business and entrepreneurship, and enjoyed working with young professionals in a competitive and challenging environment.
Francesco Ferlaino
Graduated in International Business, in the USA, started her own business, worked as a marketing specialist at a digital marketing agency. Passionate about entrepreneurship, diversity and dynamics in life ‘

Let TBA open your mind to things that you could never imagine existed and I guarantee that, in the end, it will all be worth it.’
Gabriela Chaves
Studying Law, interested in diplomacy, gaining practical knowledge in a law firm.

Passionate about golf, corporate and business law, and international experience.

TBA is an encouraging environment, which stimulates you to develop new innovative ideas and meet ambitious individuals.
Jaka Rogelj
Studying Physiotherapy, interested in entrepreneurship, loves working in a team and taking project from idea to reality.

“When I went to Canada, I had an idea in my mind, and on the way back, I was equipped with competencies and a business plan that I would need to take my first step on my first entrepreneurial path.”
Tim Gumilar
Graduated in Business Management and International Business, passionate about international experiences, travelling and studying international business.

The opportunity to spend 3 weeks in Toronto surrounded by like-minded, enthusiastic and determined young people has allowed me gain skills and courage for my future business career.
Jane Moore-Myers
Born near Mons, Belgium, graduated in Management, about to start Master’s Degree in International Business, passionate about food, meeting people from different cultures and languages.

TBA has helped me gain some awesome international friends and has broadened my horizons regarding business topics.
Leslie Tatsis
Born in Medellin, Colombia. Graduated in Business Administration, gained numerous experiences in marketing and sales, passionate about marketing, negotiation, purchase.

TBA was the perfect opportunity to create a network of people, to learn something new, to get to know another culture and improve the English language.
Luisa Barragan Pulido
Graduated in Tourism Operations and International Economics and European Integration, passionate about research and statistical analysis

TBA was a mixture of her previous experiences, only 10+ better. She developed her network, which started bringing advantages to her professional life, from the very beginning.
Maja Crnogorac
Born in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil, studying Enterprise Economics and Controllership.

Challenge enthusiast.

TBA experience was definitely ‘intense and culturally beneficial’.
Marcos Carneiro
Student of Accounting and Auditing

Passionate about numbers, international business and entrepreneurship.

TBA helped and enabled him to learn about practical implications of what he learned at the university and visit some of the successful Canadian companies.
Gregor Grom
Maria from Spain.

I am studying my last course of Law at the University. I can summarize my experience at Toronto Business Academy as Incredible. I had time to learn, to meet people from different countries and have fun at the same time. It was one of the best summers of my life.
Maria Garcia Gomez
Born in Leuven, Belgium, studies in Business Engineering turned to studying Logistics Management.

Soccer lover with high interest in mathematics and problem-solving skills.

TBA taught him 2 things: how to work in a diverse team and how to value networking more.
Massimo Simons
Born in Bratislava, Slovakia, studying Business Consultancy International, majoring in Finance.

Finance and travel lover.

TBA was one of the best experiences I had by now. It is an amazing combination of travels, learning and developing skills needed in the future.
Michaela Svirecova
Born in Podgorica, Montenegro.

Pursuing Master degree in Economics and Finance at the University of Milan.

Definitely, ABC Business Academy is a life-changing and rewarding opportunity for perspective young professionals which will lead you to the career that you have always dreamed about.
Vuk Kekic
Born in Murska Sobota, Slovenia.

Studies Marketing, a member and organiser of projects as part of student organisation.

Loves to sing, dance, play basketball and do marketing.

TBA showed me how things are done on the ‘big scene’ .
Natalija Rebrica
Born in Kranj, Slovenia.

Pursuing Master degree in Kinesiology.

Former active athlete and competitive swimmer.

TBA taught him the value of business and helped him gain practical skills for his future career ’If you don’t go, you don’t have a story.‘
Nejc Simenko
Born in Porto, Portugal.

Studying International Business, started his own company and continues to work hard.

By joining TBA, he acquired a broader world perspective about Canadian market and culture, which will be beneficial for his own companies.
Rui Vidal
Juraj Borić, born in Zagreb

Studying Economic at VERN' University of applied science An eternal optimist when it comes to life's challenges TBA changed the way I view business and opened my mind towards achieving big goals.
Juraj Borić

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