Table of Contents First-hand story from our participant in Munich1. Bursting the Comfort Zone Bubble2. Getting Valuable Connections3. Friends from all over the World4. Intensive and Interactive learning environment5. Traveling 6. An impressive addition to the Resume7. Understanding the Business Ecosystem of the Area8. Getting inspired and Shaping your future First-hand story from our participant in Munich In the middle of May, when I was submitting assignments and studying for the finals of my last
Be innovative. Or stay behind. Thanks to the rise of technology, the world became a small village as it facilitates communication and transactions. You may hear: Big data, AI, AR/VR, IoT, Blockchain, etc. Many fancy terms in today’s business world but what on earth do they actually mean? Free Webinar: Innovators’ Dilemma Innovators’ dilemma is the never-ending topic, as it makes big successful companies fail because of the new technologies. At the same time, technological
Recent research from the higher education search portal has revealed that Canada is the best place in the world to study abroad. We dug deeper to discover what makes Canada and Toronto, such attractive destinations for international students.  In a recent survey of over 30,000 international students, Canada was ranked as the #1 destination in the world to study abroad in ranking of the Top 10 Places in the World to Study Abroad.
The current world of entrepreneurship, startups and entering the corporate world is ever-increasingly more competitive. Having some experience or a degree simply doesn’t cut it anymore. On top of that, many schools don’t teach the basics of entrepreneurship and business startup concepts, like creating a convincing business plan and elevator pitch. Even more so, it can be hard to gain practical experience and develop the networking connections required to succeed—quickly—in a global market place.  International
To mark our 4th webinar of a summer school season, we have prepared an awesome addition to our already known series with our academic professor prof.dr. Carsten Bartsch and Chief Marketing Officer Jus Dobnikar. To spice things up, we have joined forces with our former participant and co-founder of Out2Bound – Boris Georgiev. Find out what Boris will be talking about and how he can help you scale up by using the sales techniques! A
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