ABC Summer 2019 has come to an end and we are still settling the impressions we had at Munich Business Academy! Our ultimate summer consultancy program has been better than expected, with students delivering so much that even they were impressed with their progress. Our Munich Business Academy program is all about the consultancy and overcoming challenges of a chosen company. This years’ company partner was Flixbus, a German brand that offers intercity bus service in
It’s our 5th anniversary! After 3 action-packed weeks, our Toronto program has come to an end. The fifth edition of Toronto Business Academy saw more participants than ever! Moreover, our survey showed extreme satisfaction among our students! We couldn’t be more proud of what students and our team have achieved in the past 5 years! So many bright business ideas, so many great memories and almost 250 students that had the chance to create this
The quote from the program: “You are investing in you as an investment.” has stuck in our heads ever since the guest speaker tried to explain it to our students at Silicon Valley Academy 2019. The second edition of the program has exceeded our expectations and as far as the results from the survey showed, participants can agree with this also! The program saw 29 students from 19 countries come to Silicon Valley with one goal
Our ABC summer ’19 has recently started and we are here to share a few insights into our “Innovation imperative” program that we organized for students from Luiss Business School. A group of 19 students from one of the best private business schools in Italy has given us the trust in showing them more around Silicon Valley and helping them understand the ecosystem and mindset that goes with it. Did we manage to do that?
Peter Forint – Professor, Business Advisor, and Electric Vehicle (EV) Evangelist Is being an entrepreneur a destiny of DNA, or can anyone become an entrepreneur? That’s the startup environment’s version of the proverbial question, “nature vs. nurture?” Perhaps we can garner some insights from another competitive environment – sports. Many fans and pundits rave about their favourite player’s incredible talent as a rare ability, a stroke of luck, or a gift of nature. I certainly
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