Welcome to our final post in the #meetourparticipants series for this year! To wrap up this year’s series, we have the pleasure of introducing you to Rexhina from Albania, who attended our Munich program in 2018.   Rexhina, Tell us a little about yourself! Pershendetje! Hello everyone! I am Rexhina from Tirana, Albania. I graduated in Bank Management in November 2018. I have always been someone who likes to do a bit of everything but
Upon graduating from summer school, you’ll likely step into the job market. And while crafting compelling resumes and submitting online applications has never been easier, the interview process remains unchanged for the most part. It’s still awkward and it’s still nerve-wracking. Think about what you did in the waiting room before your last interview, or discovery meeting with a potential client. Of course, if you’re like most people, you probably pored through your notes or
Welcome back to another #meetourparticipants blog post! We hope that you are getting a good insight into our participants and their experiences on our summer schools! This week we are introducing you to Daniel from Toronto! Daniel attended our Silicon Valley program last year and is excited to share with you a bit more about his time at the program!   Daniel, tell us a little about yourself My name is Daniel Benbassat, I am
Toronto’s rich business ecosystem is only as beneficial to your career as you want it to be. Each day in this bustling city, tens of thousands of people network with one another (in varying degrees of intentionality) both online and offline. Workshops, seminars, conferences, forums, and all sorts of in-person and virtual gatherings are just one Google search away. The question is, are you ready to show up? And if you are, do you know
Today we are back with another blog in our #meetourparticipants series. We will be catching up with Maja who was one of our participants on Toronto Business Academy in 2017. Since then she has recently moved to Toronto and some major changes in her life which are both inspiring and motivating! Read on to find out more…   So Maja, tell us a little about yourself! [Maja]: Hello there! 🙂 My name is Maja, and
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