Business Opportunities

For universities

  • ABC Business Academy is expanding to new locations on a global scale, giving universities from all over the world an opportunity to offer their students a quality summer program.
  • Because we talk about business in general, our programs are suitable for all types of students.
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For companies

  • Our programs are the best option to enable your employees them to improve communication skills, learn about different types of markets, gain international experience and broaden their horizon working in a diverse environment.
  • If your company needs man power and you are struggling to get the right person for your position, we have a talent pool! We can find the right candidate among our network of participants from all around the world.
  • Are you facing challenges with your company and looking for “out of the box” solution? Provide us with a case challenge and we can put bright minds together and find an answer for you!
  • Looking to expand to a new market with your product? You are on the right place. Contact us and let us see what we can do together with our international network of companies and entrepreneurs.
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For agencies

  • We are partnering up with agencies and different organisations around the world to offer our programs. If you are an agency that is scouting for students, feel free to contact us!
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  • Looking to have your own summer program under our brand ABC Business Academy? Get in touch with us and get to know more!
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