A business school is an institution, an education program or a course, designed to teach its students subjects relating to business, such as commerce, finance, economy, management and marketing. There are many business schools out there these days, no doubt a reflection of the last few generations’ desire for success and involvement in actively shaping the future of the world.

The founders of the ABC Business Academy are all educated entrepreneurs themselves, who have earned their degrees and/or business knowledge in various classical business schools. But our experience with this type of education has led us to a conclusion that a modern business school needs to transform in order to better serve the entrepreneurs of the future.

The problem of the traditional business education is two-fold. First, it often emphasizes theoretical knowledge, leaving practical experience far behind. And second, it is often not adjusted to the specifics of the highly-competitive and fast-changing contemporary business world.

ABC Business Academy’s business school programs have been designed to overcome these limitations, offering its students a fresh, modern and involved approach to learning business. Here is what makes our business schools stand out from the crowd.

Involvement of Successful Entrepreneurs and World’s Leading Companies

To become the best one day, one should learn from the best.  Agree? This is certainly our belief, so our business school programs always include experienced and successful entrepreneurs as mentors, professors and ambassadors, and visits or other forms of collaboration to/with the world’s leading companies. And by leading we really mean leading. We are fortunate to be able to collaborate with companies such as Google, Apple, Pinterest, Adobe, Twitter, BMO, Flixbus and many others.

Execution, Creativity & Passion

These are the 3 key principles our business school programs are build on, replacing the traditional business paradigm, which often focuses more on memorization, linearity and expectations. Our programs teach future entrepreneurs about how to execute based on their knowledge instead of just gathering and building the knowledge. How to lead their business efforts with ever-changing creativity, not just following a linear path set in the beginning. And how to be passionate about their work and things they want to change in the world instead of just meeting expectations of their culture and society.

Emphasis on Global

Globalization has brought important changes to the world of business, and aspiring entrepreneurs just need to think globally these days in order to achieve their big dreams. This is why our every business school features an international cast of students, mentors and professors of various cultural backgrounds, and involvement of international companies whose target market is simply the world (or a substantial part of it).

Amazing Locations, Where the Future of Business is Shaped Every Day

The Silicon Valley in California, USA, probably the best-known and one of the most sought-after business environments in the world. Where nearly 40 of the Fortune 1000 businesses in the world have their headquarters. Then Toronto, the financial and tech capital of Canada, where numerous leading mega corporations have their national or global headquarters to stay in touch with contemporary business developments. And the last, Munich, one of the leading European tech hubs, featuring a number of highly innovative manufacturing, financial and media European giants, who constantly push the boundaries of our limitations.

3 amazing places to choose from, and 3 amazing business schools, each with its own flavor…

Amazing Experiences

Not just amazing business-learning experiences, such as listening to and learning from some of the world’s best entrepreneurs and companies. We also include amazing day trips to fantastic locations to inspire our aspiring entrepreneurs even more and give you a chance to connect with others in a relaxed environment. Life is not just about business, after all. And a business school shouldn’t be either.

Short & Effective Courses

Our belief is that an aspiring entrepreneur doesn’t necessarily need years of business education. Sure, it might help complement one’s knowledge, based on individual needs, but in today’s highly-innovative and rapidly-changing business environment it is even more important to have genuine inspiration, proper motivation, practical real-life experience to learn from, and a proper network of like-minded individuals who push each other to achieve greatness. And then more time to develop and spread the business idea.

Our business programs are thus designed short, typically lasting around two weeks, to ignite the spark inside aspiring entrepreneurs and give them basic necessary tools to start their business careers in modern world, then giving them space to further develop their ideas and explore the world of business on their own, continuing with traditional business education or not by their own choice.

Most aspiring entrepreneurs just require that starting nudge to get them going on their path of success. We are proud that our business programs have given that nudge to many of our former students, now successful entrepreneurs in their own right.


We at ABC Business Academy consider ourselves a family. A family of entrepreneurship and education enthusiasts with a passion for changing the world and growing our network of like-minded people and organizations. A family, which is ready to accept new members from all our students. Some even become our trusted ambassadors, co-shaping the future of business education with us and sharing our adventures around the world for years to come. And you are welcome to join.

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