A couple of facts from the previous programs!

Companies opened their doors for us to explore incredible offices and listen to insider stories and the latest trends!
Mid and executive-level employees shared their everyday practices and company insights with our students!
Student questions answered on company culture, history, strategy and way of surviving on the market!

Former students testimonials:

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Tom Meex

Seeing how company actually works and where they are heading is the most rewarding thing! We had a chance to talk to different people from those organisations, and I will make sure I'll stay connected to them!

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Hanna Fischer

I am working in the KPMG, so I am used to corporate vibe. What amazed me the most in Silicon Valley, how they changed that vibe into creative environment, full of potential!

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Michaela Švirecová

I have been to three programs offered by the ABC, and one thing really stood out at the corporate visits! The difference of the companies culture and vibe! My favourite one was Munich!

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