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We deliver 21st century education for the next generation of CEO's & Entrepreneurs.

Through our 3-week summer programs across Munich, Toronto and Sillicon Valley, students develop a better awareness of who they are, what they're good at, and how to turn a dream into reality.

From idea to execution!

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We, at ABC Business Academy are dedicated to transforming education through giving the emphasis on practical entrepreneurial skills, filling the increasing gap in hands-on experience among the students. From coming up with a concept, to building a business plan, and then pitching it to investors. Students that enrol in our program will come out of it with a holistic view of what it takes to be in business... what it takes to be an Entrepreneur. We encourage our students and young professionals to focus less on memorizing and more on executing, less on linearity and more on creativity, less on expectations and more on passions. We help build future CEOs.

  • Self-development

    Students develop a higher sense of self-awareness (or EQ); better understand who they are, what they’re good at, and how to utilize their strengths in business.
  • Network

    Opportunity to spend time with like-minded, success-driven individuals from all over the world and build relationships with professionals from various industries.
  • Experience

    In today’s constantly changing world, our students have to be able to quickly adapt to change, learn to learn fast, and execute in often unpredictable environments.
  • Challenge

    Growth happens when we’re challenged. We like to push our students to get outside of their comfort zone and really tap into their capabilities throughout our programs.
  • Travel

    Apart from having really cool Instagram photos, travelling is beneficial for numerous reasons; discovering new sights, meeting new people, learning new cultures, etc. all that coming from joining our programs.

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Here is what our ABC Business Academy members have to say:

A truly unique experience in a truly unique city. If you ever wondered how to get started with your business idea, that's the place to be. Combining a hands-on mentality with regards to teaching and insightful company visits makes the Toronto Business Academy a must for every future entrepreneur!
Jakob Doller, Austria


People often say that an MBA is important for the access to the alumni one receives when joining the university in question. Similarly, at ABC, we strongly work to grow our network base of Alumnis and professionals around the globe to provide a gateway of meaningful relationships for past, current, and future members. Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder of LinkedIn, said "your network is the people who want to help you, and you want to help them, and that's really powerful." - we agree.


We see all members of the ABC team as friends, ones we want to develop a long-lasting friendship with. For that reason, we also provide members who go through the program the opportunity to become ambassadors - ambassadors represent the ABC brand in their respective communities and talk about their experience with the program. Ambassadors are also onsite during the programs to help make the experience an unforgettable one - they do a great job at making sure everyone's taken care of at all times.


The best Investment is investment in YOURSELF!

A whopping 73% of employers cited study abroad as very important when evaluating the resumes of a job candidate.
Students who studied abroad are 93% more likely to find a job than those college graduates who did not study abroad.
56% of respondents agreed that studying abroad contributed to developing skills and intercultural competencies, which contributed to establishing their first company.
Broaden your network with like-minded people from more than 30 different countries form around the world.

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