Meet our participants! – Matea Milisa, Toronto Business Academy

Welcome back the #meetourparticipants series!

We thought we’d whet your appetite for summer 2019, by bringing you first-hand experiences from our 2018 participants!  

So whether you are interested in attending our summer schools, or just want to learn more about our amazing alumni, be sure to read on!

Let’s get it started with this interview with the awesome Matea from Croatia!

So, Matea tell us a little bit about yourself!

[Matea]: I am currently studying Analysis and Business Planning at Zagreb University. During my childhood, I was surrounded by mathematicians which is where I fell in love with mathematics in the first place. But I couldn’t see myself buried in numbers my whole life. That’s when I discovered economics, where I can combine my love for math and interpersonal relationships. That is the main reason I chose this area of business as my Master’s degree.

Did you know – We are proud to attract a wide range of backgrounds to our programs to truly represent a real workplace environment! Don’t hesitate to join us even if you are not from a business background!

What’s the 5-year plan?

In 5 years from now, I see myself working and living abroad somewhere. I would like to gather as much experience as I can work in international companies and hopefully, one day, start my own business. I would like to work towards something that I believe in and that I’m passionate about. That’s exactly what I hope I will find during my professional journey.

Love the determination, Matea! Check out our blog post on Unleashing your genius and finding your way!  

The best thing about Toronto Business Academy?

I have two favorite experiences on the program and I can’t decide which one I enjoyed more! The first thing was meeting lots of new people from all around the world. During Toronto Business Academy I made a lot of new friendships that will, surely, last a lifetime.

The second was when we had the opportunity to present our business ideas to real investors. We had a chance to experience what it means to pitch your own idea to experienced business people. I found this a really valuable experience!

Why study in the summer vacation?

I realized that just my university education will not be enough for me to find a job after I finish my Masters, and that I can’t get any real-life experience at my University. So I started to look for summer schools. As I mentioned before, I love to travel and when I found out about Toronto Business Academy I knew right away that it was the place to be!

Any advice for this year’s participants?

The only piece of advice I have for this year participants is to have fun and try to really take advantage of every opportunity that will be given to you during the program. You just might find something that you are passionate about and find things that will be very useful to you during your professional growth.

Thanks, Matea, it was great to hear about your experiences at our summer school and your ambitions for the future!

Stay tuned for more interviews with our fantastic alumni in the #meetourparticipants series!