Meet our participants! – Mohammed Al Safi

Welcome back to the #meetourparticipants series! This week we are very excited to share with you an interview with one of our former participants, Mohammed Al Safi.

We had the pleasure of welcoming Mohammed to Toronto Business Academy in 2018! That’s how we got to know more about his incredible ambitions and plans for the future!

So Mohammed, tell us about yourself!

[Mohammed]: I am Mohammed from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and I am studying marketing. I find it really interesting how you can serve many people in different ways. Moreover, most of the work and study is all about what people like, do, want, and consequently, how you can engage with them in a way that is interesting for them.

In my free time, I mostly stay away from people and just enjoy myself. I also like to play football every week, and hang out with my friends.

What are you passionate about?

Marketing is my passion in general, but at this stage of my life, I’m really focusing on making new relations and making my network bigger.

Our summer schools give you plenty of opportunity to network – so, check out these awesome networking tips!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I will be the most successful young men in Saudi Arabia, making a positive impact on others lives.

We love to see such determination and drive in our participants, therefore keep hustling Mohammed!

Did you get out your comfort zone on our summer school?

Of course, traveling to a new country and living there with different people from different backgrounds is the first step of getting out of the comfort zone.

Did you know – Our Toronto program had participants from over 30 different countries this year!  

Any thoughts on Toronto?

Toronto is one of the best cities I have visited in my life. The diversity was very interesting, but besides that, the weather was perfect for me (anything below 40 degrees is perfect for me). There are also many beautiful places!

We can vouch for that, as Canada was voted number one country for quality of life in 2019! Come find out why for yourself!

What is your advice to this year’s participants?

Firstly, set goals for your trip and explore everything, meet people and get to know their stories and introduce your story too. Secondly, don’t go there just to learn business or entrepreneurship, earn new skills and make as many friendships as you can, and in the end, the most important thing is to enjoy it.

To round up a story, make sure you check Mohammed’s video interview on Youtube! 

We hope you enjoyed hearing about Mohammed and his Toronto Business Academy experience! We can’t wait to see how his career develops, watch this space!

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Stay tuned for the next #meetourpartcipants post!