Munich Business Academy 2019 edition

ABC Summer 2019 has come to an end and we are still settling the impressions we had at Munich Business Academy! Our ultimate summer consultancy program has been better than expected, with students delivering so much that even they were impressed with their progress.

Our Munich Business Academy program is all about the consultancy and overcoming challenges of a chosen company. This years’ company partner was Flixbus, a German brand that offers intercity bus service in Europe and the United States and is looking to expand in other areas and fields of business. What were the challenges they presented to students and what were the ideas that students have come up with?

Read below and find out more about our Munich Business Academy with the main theme: Future of mobility! 

Case challenges by Flixbus

The first day of the program started with a company visit to Flixbus where we met Business Development and Recruitment team who presented us the Flixbus story, vision, mission and finally the cases they prepared for our students. There were three different cases, so students were working on diverse ideas throughout the 2 weeks. Market expansions and main niche expansions were the main two topics/cases students were solving. For both of them, they got plenty of information and feedback from Flixbus representatives, so they only had to be creative, thoughtful and develop an idea in accordance with Flixbus values.

Supported lectures on business practices

Group work on cases was just a small part of our program. The other one was lead by prof. dr. Carsten Bartsch who was giving students instructive lectures full of examples, great discussion and connection with the topics students were tackling in the cases. We can proudly say our professor scored 9,5/10 on the survey after the program. This score speaks to itself.

Mentoring sessions 

New ideas and new solutions every day bring so much more confusion and discussion for students, so mentoring sessions were an important part of the program as well. Mentoring sessions with Flixbus representatives coming from the Business Development department were so valuable that after it, students had their heads clear and ready to tackle the problem even stronger.

To get another feedback as well, we organized a few mentoring sessions with professor Carsten, but also with business people who gave their thought on the case solution and development of the idea students were working on. This was very important for students, as they got to see the problem from another angle and develop a more thoughtful and wide approach to it.

Field trips and visits 

What is an ABC program without a field trip? It is just a usual classroom experience which we don’t want to have! That’s why Munich Business Academy program was also filled with trips and visits from renowned experts! As our theme for MBA 2019 was future of mobility, we took our students to BMW Welt where they had an innovative tour and were able to see everything from innovative materials and electric drives to the revolutionary concepts of tomorrow.

We also visited Plug & Play, one of the most successful early-stage investor and accelerator companies in the world. In Munich, their strongest advantage is Retailhub, where they are changing the world of commerce by making big corporations and startups to collaborate for better engagement and experience. This was a fun way to explore Munich startup scene, as we got to solve a small business case by Plug & Play, which was an excellent way for students to understand what the company does on a daily basis.

The more informal part of the program was a visit to Neuschwanstein castle where we also learned about German history and got to see beautiful views. Pictures speak for itself.

Business Case Competition 

The highlight of the program was definitely the last day of our Munich Business Academy with students presenting what they learned and developed in a 2 weeks period. Business Case Competition was held in Flixbus offices again and Flixbus representatives were judging the whole competition, as well as announcing the winners at the end. They were more than impressed with what students have come up within a short period of time, as such research usually takes up to 6 months. Some ideas were also very interesting to them, as they were already working on them, so this just helped them develop the whole business even faster.

We can’t be more proud of our students and the results they delivered to Flixbus! The fact that some of them were invited to work for the company is showing the real importance of this kind of experiences and brings joy to our faces!

Thank you to each one of you for an amazing 2 weeks! Your group was a real sugar at the end of this summer 2019 for us!

Big thank you also goes to our partner the University of Wollongong who sent us 8 bright and excellent students who were part of Munich Business Academy this summer!

2020, we are getting ready for you! If you wish to join us on some of the programs next summer, it’s good to know that we already opened pre-applications on the link, so hurry up and secure your spot!