Munich Business Academy: Unique Business Consulting Experience to Prepare You for the Real World

Munich is one of the most exciting European hubs for tech, software and innovation startups. If you are looking for a way to join the business world, ABC Academy’s Munich Business School is for you. If you are looking for summer courses in Germany for international students and aspiring entrepreneurs of all ages, our Munich Summer School is also for you. And if you want to help small or big business to conquer the demanding international markets of today, Munich Summer School can be your next step in business consulting. Munich Business Academy combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience from the real business world through corporate visits, networking events, solving real-life challenges and travel.


    But not only amazing startups. This summer school will also take you to some of the Europe’s most renowned companies such as the famous motorcycle manufacturer KTM.

    To complement the amazing summer experience, we will also have some fun together. Exploring the beautiful cities of Munich and Salzburg, which will be the destination of our weekend trip. Great times ahead!

    Munich Business Academy meets all the requirements of an academically-recognized subject for Bachelor and Master’s degrees. Join top summer school in Germany for international students. Or come just for the knowledge…

    Covering a variety of topics that all companies must handle today, our Business Consulting Program in Munich is tailored to fit the needs of entrepreneurs, startups and professionals working for corporations.

    Munich Summer School will equip you with both the knowledge to solve complex business challenges and a certificate confirming this knowledge. To potential employers and business partners, for example.

Munich Business School Combines the Best of Both Worlds – Entrepreneurship and Corporate Work

Munich offers a variety of businesses in very diverse industries, combining aspiring entrepreneurs who work on their startups with experienced professionals working for international corporations. As such it is ideal for studying real business cases and solve complex problems of contemporary markets. German industries and brands are well-respected in global markets, and Munich is certainly one of the most important economic pillars of Germany. What makes businesses based (or developed) in Munich so successful is the well-thought economic culture of the area, which is deeply rooted in their educational system and their business practices. One of the goals of Munich Business Academy is to equip the participants with broadness of knowledge, determination and professionalism characteristic for this area. All these characteristics enable Bavarian companies, small or big, young or experienced, to conquer global markets, no matter how competitive they are.

A Modern Approach to Business Consulting

Theoretical knowledge is a good start. But this alone if far from what makes business successful these days. In order to develop a successful business, entrepreneurs and their business consultants need to know how to tackle challenges that most companies face in today’s economy. And Munich offers plenty of startups that can provide valuable experience. By learning how to solve their problems, you will also learn how to solve problems that most companies face today – and one day apply them to your own company or company you will be working for.

Munich Summer School Is Perfect for Students, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Managers and Professionals

The knowledge you will gain trough solving complex challenges of real businesses can benefit you on many levels. The topics cover everything from human resources and finance to marketing, sales and adapting to contemporary tools and markets. Regardless of your future career path, Munich Business Academy offers practical knowledge for solving challenges anyone in the business world faces in some form sooner or later.

Duration: 14 days

Program language: English

Location: Munich, Germany


2020 Munich Business School

Dates: 9th – 22nd of August 2020

Tuition Fee: 1.900,00€  (2020 price)

Course outline

Course name: Business Consulting
Class size: 60 participants
Credits: 5+1 ECTS
Length: 60 hours


  • Bavarian business culture overview
  • Case studies provided by Start-ups & Corporations
  • Lectures supporting cases
  • Consultations with mentors on cases
  • Case results pitching

Extra activities

  • Mentors
  • Corporate visits
  • Networking events
  • Trip to Salzburg


  • Speak and understand English (no official certificate required)
  • Passion for learning & understanding the business world

Upon completion of the Munich Business Academy, participants receive:

  • Certificate of completion
  • Recommendation letter
  • ECTS approval (if ECTS was selected and the participant passed the program)
  • Certificate of excellence (only for the top ranked participants / winning group)

What Will You Get from Attending Munich Business Academy?

  • Real business world knowledge of solving challenges, managing companies and making decisions
  • An invaluable insight into how actual startups work
  • An opportunity to join the world of business consulting
  • Meeting like-minded aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs who might join your business network one day
  • A certificate to confirm your business knowledge and possibly develop your career
  • A summer, full of learning opportunities, amazing experiences and unforgettable people

Who Will Benefit from Attending our Munich Business School?

This is a great summer school in Germany for international students and a great business course for all others. Anyone with an interest in business can thus apply: students, aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals of various backgrounds working for small or big companies. We are only able to accept 60 participants each year, in order to ensure a comfortable and efficient learning experience for all involved – participants, mentors, guest speakers, and corporations that invite us for a visit and chat.

How Do We Select Our Participants?

Due to high demand we unfortunately can’t accept all applications. We want to share the experience of learning from/with some of Europe’s finest companies with ambitious, curious and passionate business minds. This is why we ask all our applicants for Munich Summer School to write a motivational letter.

Apply as soon as possible to reserve your spot for the 2020 Munich Summer School.

Case Challenge Competition

Knowledge itself it of very little use if you can’t apply it to real world. To reinforce the knowledge you gain throughout the Munich summer school course from professors, guest speakers, mentors and corporate visits, we will organize a real business competition in the end. You will solve case challenges of various topics to prove you are ready for the real competitive environment of the modern business world. And the reward for the best is not only prestige and valuable knowledge of business consulting, but also a Certificate of Excellence, which could open you some doors in the business world.

The MBA program partner - Flixbus

Meet, advise and learn from Europe’s No. 1 mobility provider company! Working with the fastest-growing and extremely successful company Flixbus is your once in a lifetime opportunity, so you better have your mind sharp and ideas ready! Consult the company on their current obstacles and help them grow even faster by implementing your ideas! Imaging yourself as a consultant solving a case study on different topics, have a closer look into their expertise and business model, and find a creative “out of the box” solution.

Guest Speakers and Mentors

Solving real business challenges demands both knowledge and experience. And you will find both in the teachings of our expert professors, guest speakers and mentors, who know first-hand how modern business works. The focus of Munich Business School is on teaching what classic business education doesn’t and can’t teach – how to solve actual problems that arise to those competing in the modern business world.

Corporate Visits and Free Time

To learn business today, you need to be in direct touch with the business world. This is why we will let you meet various exciting startups that developed their business ideas in some of Europe’s top business accelerators – and some world-renowned companies, such as KTM, for example, too. And after some good business learning, there is nothing better than to relax and explore the magical city of Munich. And the nearby Austrian jewel, Salzburg, where we will take you to an unforgettable weekend trip full of fun and learning.

Tuition fee & Dates

Tuition Fee
(EUR) €

14 days

Program language:


Possible payment installments:


9th – 22nd of August 2020


We know that organising a trip to a foreign country can be stressful, that’s why our summer school does all the hard work for you! All you need to sort is your airplane tickets, any visa required and food throughout the course. Everything else is taken care of by us in the tuition fee!  

What is included in the Tuition Fee?

  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • Welcome package
  • Lectures
  • Course material
  • Networking events
  • Seminars and corporate visits
  • Certificate of completion
  • 24/7 assistance from our coordinators
  • Exclusive access to our Alumni network, possibility to become part of our team
  • 2-day trip to Salzburg! 

Breakfast package (included)

Breakfast package includes everyday meals, available from 7:30 AM to 10:00 AM daily, served buffet style. Self-service breakfast includes a choice of fresh juice, yogurt, cereal, hot breakfast, eggs, ham, pastry, fruit, and coffee or tea.


Optional extras


Dinner package – 250€

The dinner package offers an optional three course dinner in the H2 hotel’s restaurant (buffet or menu) prepared by the executive chef.

ECTS transfer – 100€

Our program offers 5+1 ECTS credit points to university participants (accredited for the Bachelors and Masters level), which can be chosen as an additional option during your application.

Coris personal and cancellation insurance 

Please contact us at from more info.


  • Different discounts are not cumulative.
  • A Registration Fee of EUR 100€ must be paid upon confirmation from the ABC Business Academy about your participation. This amount is non-refundable and will be deducted from your Tuition Fee.

General Academic Partner

The ECTS credits are by our international partner HDBW – Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft is a private, state-approved university for applied sciences with a focus on business and technology, based in Munich as well as in study centers in Bamberg and Traunstein.

The ABC Business Academy is authorized to organize the course at the HDBW that is accredited by European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) framework by the European Commission and meets all the requirements of an academically recognized subject of the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree.

HDBW is accredited through the state of Bavaria for the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree through Acquis and FIBAA.


Reviewer profile picture

Maryna Qureshi


I was lucky to join the Munich program in 2019. It was a life-changing experience! The program gave me much more than just the knowledge of some business concepts; it encourages you to jump out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. In these 2 weeks, I have drastically transformed.

Reviewer profile picture

Kevin Tiambeng


The program is simply amazing. The overall culture encourages participants to hustle and think outside of the box!

Reviewer profile picture

Genny Di Gennaro


Best summer experience ever! I highly recommend attending one of their summer courses. Not only you expand your knowledge, but your connections as well! An investment for life that I would repeat over and over again.

Reviewer profile picture

Victoria Bortot


I did the Toronto and Munich Business Academy and I don't regret a second of them! The programs mix theoretical and practical knowledge to show the reality and the challenges of beginning a business and how to think outside the box. Working with different cultures and mindset results with the best ideas and we end up with good friends!

Reviewer profile picture

Michiel DB


I followed their summer program in Munich and it was absolutely amazing! The organization is super helpful and supportive. It was a practical, inspiring course!

Reviewer profile picture

Minh Huy Chu


ABC Business Academy is the place where I have a chance to learn new valuable skills and experiences, along with a lot of memories with talented people. The journey really inspires and motivates me to work and study harder and more effectively.



HDBW – Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft
Konrad-Zuse-Platz 8, 81829 München, Germany


Commonly known as the capital of Bavarian region or German’s beer capital, Munich is the third largest city in Germany, with a population over 1.4 million people. As a major international centre for business, engineering, and research, it has been ranked in top 10 EU cities for developing business. Munich brings together companies of all sizes and industries, keeping the city exceptionally resilient and crisis-proof, making a solid base for economic development. The unique blend of cultural, geographic, and economic factors has induced evolution of uprising innovative and start-up scene. A feat which has resulted in Munich’s frontrunner position in technological solutions.


Participants are accommodated in a shared-style modern rooms at the brand new H2 hotel in Munich. The location is the ideal base for visiting the city and, at the same time, the hotel is located just across the street of HDBW, where classes are held. A direct U-Bahn (underground train) connection whisks you in just about 5 minutes to the heart of the city centre and its many sights, including Marienplatz and the Pinakothek museums. Starting from the Munich trade fair hall, discover all the sights of the Bavarian metropolis: the Oktoberfest, the Allianz Arena, the Hofbräuhaus, the Viktualienmarkt or the Alter Peter tower; they are all easy to reach.

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