Why Silicon Valley Academy?

We are living in a unique moment in time with unprecedented disruption. Today innovation is everyone's business. If you want to future-proof your career and make an impact, Silicon Valley Academy can be your source of inspiration and instruction. Experience the best technology hub in one of the most innovative places on earth, expand your business connections at numerous networking events, and deepen your individual skills with practical hands-on workshops. Embrace an entrepreneurial mindset, experience the excitement of championing bold new ideas, and learn how to forge your own path! We are collaborating with many of the players that make up the Valley’s remarkable innovation ecosystem. The Business Academy was created to open this amazing world to anyone who wants to learn from those who create it every day.

  • Get to know more about the nest of the industry 4.0

    The heart of the industry 4.0, are topics like big data, the Internet of things, cloud computing, data exchange, etc... Learn more about the fast-developing industries of today's world.
  • Meet the Tech capital of the world

    San Jose is the economic, political and cultural capital of Silicon Valley. With over 7000 companies, it is considered the most concentrated tech centre in the entire world.
  • The best return on your investment

    An investment in knowledge is an investment in yourself. Once invested, it will pay the best interest and will for sure reflect in your future uprising career.
  • Getting out of your comfort zone

    Participating in an international summer program boosts your employment because it means that you are willing to get out of your comfort zone to learn more.
  • Networking

    You will have the opportunity to meet like-minded, success-driven individuals from all over the world. You gain friendships for life and perhaps find a potential business partner.

Program Overview

We share the secrets of Silicon Valley through our unique innovation tours, corporate strategy sessions, start-up showcases, accelerators, and executive conferences. We saturate your mind with new technologies and future trends from industry-leading experts and help translate them into your current business, and possibly spark the launch of a new one. You will gather success strategies and how to avoid innovation pitfalls from visiting pioneering companies like Adobe, Apple, Cisco, Dropbox, eBay, EDG, Facebook, Google, Intel, LinkedIn, Logitech, Netflix, Oracle, Pinterest, SalesForce, SanDisk, Square, Tesla, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

We complement the exploration of the Valley with a highly experiential curriculum. We offer the perfect blend of theory and practice, strategy and application — an opportunity to flex both your business and your creative muscles. You will work in small teams with faculty guidance and targeted workshops to live the life of a startup.  Our workshops will show you how to uncover deeper customer insights, surface new opportunities, and then ideate and prototype to develop bold new solutions. You and your teammates will perfect and then pitch your startup idea to potential customers and get feedback from Venture Capitalists.

Through this immersive experience, the academy will expand your network and equip you to become particularly effective in the one discipline that will be a constant in the ever-changing world of business: innovation!

Duration: 14 days

Program language: English

Location: San Jose & San Francisco

Dates: 23rd of June – 6th of July 2019

Discounted Tuition Fee: 3.200,00€ 2.300,00€ (EUR) / Christmas special discount!

Course outline

Course name: Innovation Imperative
Class size: 30 students
Length: 60 hours

Lectures: 40 hours

  • Silicon Valley business culture overview
  • Workshops
  • Meet investors
  • Study cases
  • Elevator Pitch Competition

Corporate visits & Networking events: 20 hours

  • Exhibition tours
  • Networking events
  • Corporate visits
  • University excursions

When it comes to innovation, there is a special kind of magic in Silicon Valley. The constant buzz of new ideas. Effective funding of breakthrough business models. Start-ups in many markets. The birth of entirely new industries. While it may appear that it’s all about creating new ideas, the success of Silicon Valley actually comes from a highly disciplined approach for taking ideas through a series of iterations all the way to market-changing implementation.

The objective of this course is to share with you this discipline of innovation and how it creates unprecedented business value. We will leverage Silicon Valley’s innovation mindset, practices, and ecosystem to help prepare you to develop and champion bold new ideas. You will learn lean innovation techniques that will assist you whether you are an intrapreneur trying to conceive of high potential products for your corporation or an entrepreneur looking to start a business of your own. Regardless of your role, the people who know how to create new business value in this world, are the most valuable people in the world.

The course is delivered through a series of workshops with just-in-time modules in order for participants to progress their work.  The curriculum offers tools, techniques, and strategies for participants to create a powerful discipline of innovation within the team and it was built on experience working with some of the most pioneering organizations in the world like BBC, Stanford University, and Toyota.

Course content

  • Gain a foundation of best practices from Design Thinking, CO-STAR Value Creation and Lean Start-up.
  • Uncover customer insights and identify unmet needs.
  • Recognize methods for challenging conventional thinking and generating novel solutions.
  • Get familiar with framework (CO-STAR) for developing ideas to their full potential.
  • Be comfortable with communication techniques for presenting the value of their new idea in a simple yet persuasive manner.
  • Practice in running a Rapid Idea Improvement Session to efficiently gather stakeholder feedback.
  • Seize the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues and develop their own ideas.
  • Tips for rapid prototyping and how to use experimentation to reduce risk and prove the value of your thinking.
  • Understand the concept of disruptive technologies.
  • Learn from an examples from the past.
  • Discover sources of disruptive technologies and predict future trends.
  • Analyse disruptive potential of current companies.
  • Assess disruptive potential of new technologies through the industrial sectors.
  • Critically evaluate the disruption of certain technological incentives through the
  • industrial sectors.
  • Assess the impact of various disruptive technologies outside the areas where they were created.
  • Apply direct knowledge about disruptive technologies to formulate new disruptive technology.
  • Explain the most common immigration categories.
  • Understand the legal framework considering immigration.
  • Understand the immigration law basics.
  • Learn about immigration legal tips.
  • Understand the citizenship basics and immigration laws.
  • Get insights into legal frameworks on investments, mergers and acquisitions.
  • Understand what it takes to succeed and to be open to unique ideas and opportunities.
  • Understand the importance of networking.
  • Identify, create and seize opportunities.
  • Understand the importance of Angel investors and VC’s.
  • Understand the importance of R&D.
  • Understand the importance of research & preparation.
  • Define metrics to measure your success & success of your company.
  • Understand what technologies can’t do.
  • Insights into the practices of world- class innovators.
  • Understand how to network and get meetings with potential investors.
  • Welcome detours and failures with open arms.
  • Learn how to react to and learn from failure.
  • Accept responsibility for failure.
  • Overcome initial bouts of failure.
  • Use data to help fail less often and know when to quit.
  • Maintain proper balance in life and learn to delegate.
  • Take risks & Embrace change.
  • Be humble & be focused.
  • Think long – term & set short-term goals.
  • Push new ideas and projects forward.
  • Regard failure as a strength and not a weakness.
  • The difference between angel investment and venture capital.
  • Inside dynamics of the funds.
  • Learn how are the investors motivated and how to assess opportunities.
  • Learn how to identify a great startup with a high probability of success.
  • Valuation of the ROI techniques.
  • Understand how entrepreneurs can optimise their returns.
  • Learn how to match an angel investor with a business.
  • Understand what angel investors do.
  • Transitioning from an angel investor to a venture capitalist.
  • Understand tactics that will expedite the fundraising process.
  • Understand how to raise money from high net worth investors, venture capitalists and corporations.
  • Understand how to present your business plan to investors and what to include in your pitch.

Networking events

Attending networking events is one of the best moves a person can make when starting or already having a business. When entering a new industry, you will need to build up a base of relationships and this is the best way. Why? Because these events give you the opportunity to meet other people from different industries, in a short period of time. In this way, you will be able to meet new people that may be your mentors, friends, colleagues or, most importantly, your future partners. All the connections made during your life might come in handy sometime in the future. Nevertheless, this will also improve your confidence and networking skills. After all, they say '' Your network is your net worth'', for a reason.

Elevator Pitch Competition

Having a good idea or no idea is the same in case you do not have the right approach. Delivering the wrong message when it comes to elevator pitch is the worst case scenario and limits the development of the idea. So how to do it properly? The only tip Internet can give you is practice, practice, practice…, so we made it possible for you! Learn how to pitch the key points in a brief elevator ride, and how to enchant potential investors in just a few minutes! Add a bit of competitive spirit to it and be the winner of our elevator pitch competition!


The main goal of workshops is to create a space for skill building, teamwork, and engaging participants in intensive discussions about topics that are current in the business world. Workshops are organised to cover different aspects of Silicon Valley’s ecosystem and proceed in harmony with the evolution of the startup team projects. The workshops allow participants to learn from subject matter experts and from each other. We will have students from all over the world, offering you the opportunity to learn how to collaborate across cultures. This is similar to the work environment in Silicon Valley where 70% of tech employees are foreign-born. We encourage everyone to ask questions, share their point of view, have an open mind, and be positive contributors to their startup teams. The workshops are the primary vehicles for nurturing the project teams (from initial ideation to the big pitch) and many find them the most personally rewarding part of the whole program.

Corporate visits

Regardless of your title or position on the global market, this is an opportunity to get to know more about business in Silicon Valley! This is a unique opportunity to get to know the functioning of the tech giants and to make contact with key people in large companies. Their experts will walk you around the HQ offices and tell you amazing insider stories about these legendary company cultures and new products. This truly is a unique and valuable experience to learn from, especially since these giants are located in the most developed and competitive tech environment in the world. Home to many of the world's largest high-tech corporations, including the headquarters of 39 businesses in the Fortune 1000, and thousands of start-up companies, etc. … Get up close and personal with the likes of Google, Apple, WeWork, Credit Karma, Pinterest, Adobe, Stanford University, etc... We share insider stories of the culture and products which make these companies true legends!

Innovation Software

You will be given a year’s subscription to One Hour Innovator so you can continue to work on game changing ideas using Silicon Valley techniques back at home. The cloud-based software is simple to use and includes hundreds of tips, instructional videos, and insightful examples. The proven practices (e.g., CO-STAR) embedded in the One Hour Innovator will help harness your creative energy and guide you along the path to success.  The toolkit will assist you in developing the most valuable idea possible while teaching you the communication techniques necessary to gain approval and resources.

Tuition fee & Dates

Tuition Fee
(EUR) €
14 days
Program language:
San Jose & San Francisco
23rd of June – 6th of July 2019

Applications for 2019 are open!

What is included in the Tuition Fee?

Accommodation, welcome package, lectures, course material, networking events, seminars and corporate visits, certificate of completion, 24/7 assistance from our coordinators, exclusive access to our Alumni network, possibility to become part of our team, yearly subscription to One Hour Innovator platform, 1-day trip to San Francisco and an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life!

Breakfast package – 150,00€ (EUR)

Breakfast package includes everyday meals, available from 7:30 AM to 10:00 AM daily, served buffet style. Self-service breakfast includes a choice of fresh juice, yogurt, cereal, hot breakfast, eggs, ham, pastry, fruit, and coffee or tea.



  • Different discounts are not cumulative.
  • A Registration Fee of 100,00€ must be paid upon confirmation from the ABC Business Academy about your participation. This amount is non-refundable and will be deducted from your Tuition Fee.



1 Washington Sq, San Jose, CA 95192, United States


Being the third most populated city in California with roughly 1, 1 million inhabitants, San Jose is the economic, political and cultural capital of Silicon Valley. Boasting a presence for over 7000 companies, San Jose is considered the most concentrated tech centre in the entire world. Listed on the scale of top 10 cities with the highest number of millionaires, this city can also be proud of being marked as the 3rd safest city in the USA. With its economical size of 250 billion dollars in profits, Silicon Valley exceeds many countries and makes an indeterminate, but well-integrated area with around 30 cities and 5 reputable universities. Why has this area been called the “Valley of Death” and how to do business ‘Silicon Valley style’ are just some of the things you will find out during the program. Jump from one of the most developed business areas to San Francisco over the weekend and experience what America has got to offer you!


Participants are accommodated at the San Jose State University in the heart of downtown and just an hour from San Francisco. It is the oldest university on the west coast and home to more than 30,000 students under the Californian sunny palms. The dorms are located in the main San Jose State campus in a walking distance to all the other facilities and buildings. Participants are accommodated in Campus village en-suite of four bedrooms with two bathrooms, a common living area, and a kitchen. All bedrooms are designed and furnished for two participants. Housing programs and services at the university are designed to nourish students academic and personal growth.

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