Silicon Valley Academy x Luiss Business School 2019 edition

Our ABC summer ’19 has recently started and we are here to share a few insights into our “Innovation imperative” program that we organized for students from Luiss Business School.

A group of 19 students from one of the best private business schools in Italy has given us the trust in showing them more around Silicon Valley and helping them understand the ecosystem and mindset that goes with it.

Did we manage to do that? What did they experience? Keep reading and find out.

As students already knew each other from their original business program in Rome, we had an easy job when it comes to connecting them. Even though so homogenous, they were different in many aspects which made the program more fun and interesting for all of us.


During the 2 weeks, they had a chance to learn about breakthrough thinking, innovation & design thinking. In addition to that, students teamed up and developed a business idea using the CO-STAR and LEAN startup methods (learn more here) and approach to thinking. They were taught and mentored by our Silicon Valley Academy lead instructor Laszlo Gyorffy, President of the Enterprise Development Group. Students brought many ideas together, however, they ended up pitching and defending only the ones that seemed the most appealing and interesting to them.

Apart from their skill learning experience, they had a chance to grow their network and meet with a lot of amazing people from the Bay Area, we brought some of the serious entrepreneurs i.e. Kerry Brown, Jeff Arrillaga, Josh Burroughs, Jeff Snider, Max Shapiro, and many others that shared their successes and failures with all of them. And this is important, as they had to see both sides of what it takes to succeed before even starting their own businesses.

As part of the program, Luiss Business School students got a chance to visit some of the successful companies in Silicon Valley, such as NetApp, FujiFilm, WeWork, Autodesk, Intel...

Learn more about the Silicon Valley program here. 

Program takeaways

As future entrepreneurs, students of Luiss Business School were a perfect audience for this kind of experience. They will for sure be the ones who will use all the skills and knowledge from the Valley and implement it to their own communities.

With that being said, Italy is to get a few great companies that will be lead by serious entrepreneurs (Luiss Business School students) who will work hard in order to make their idea work. When doing all of that, they will be able to provide a value for the customer and approach to the problem with the Silicon Valley mindset: Start small. Dream big. Learn fast. Create value.

Looking forward to seeing what our next Silicon Valley Business Academy group can achieve in 2 weeks time!