Storytell The Product, Don’t Push It

Watch this Nike commercial:

This commercial, “Want It All”, is all about hustle, confidence, and style at every level of the game.

How do you feel after watching it? What emotions exposed themselves? For me, it was fast-paced, constantly on the move, high-energy, progressive/evolving, motivating, and gave me a rush of adrenaline.

That’s the beauty of effective marketing. Through this video, with no words, just music, and good storytelling, Nike took you on a journey – from start to finish. The entire time, I bet you felt like you were right there, with that young ambitious boy who played street ball and followed his progression to playing in the NBA.

Notice how Nike doesn’t push the product in your face, rather, they present the product (clothes, shoes, accessories) on athletes as they perform throughout the video. When they match good background music to fit the scene, it makes you want to buy Nike…because you want the same feeling that they’re selling you…you want the same feeling of euphoria that you think athletes have when they play – people cheering you on, millions of fans watching…

To me, Nike sells emotions.

Selling emotions means getting the end-consumer so excited about what the product can do and how the product can make them feel, that they go buy the product to sense those same emotions. When you buy a pair of MJ’s for example, once you put them on for the first time and step on the court, don’t you kind of feel like MJ himself? The feeling of limitlessness, the visualization of dunking from the free-throw line…that’s what good story-telling can do.

So, the point of this article is to get you, the reader, convinced about the effectiveness of telling stories. They’ve been around for as long as people can remember, and a reason why they work so well, is because humans are interested in stories – they’re visual constructs that make something simpler to understand, easier to connect with, and quicker to trust.

Tell stories about your product, your business, your self…make them interesting…get to the root-cause, get to the core…explain why you started, how you came up with the idea, who you are outside of work…get people to see the raw image, the no BS version…and I guarantee you, they’ll be more receptive.