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Business Consulting

The Munich Business Academy prepares you for a career as an entrepreneur or executive leader in highly competitive industries. You will gain many professional and personal skills and apply what you learn in real life business cases provided directly from highly successful start-ups.

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Munich Business Academy alumni

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Michiel De Baets


"We had some really good coaching from our professors who guided us along the way and helped us achieve the goals that Flixbus were expecting of us. The mentors were really inspiring, and we had the opportunity to work with people who had so much knowledge and experience in those fields it was a fantastic opportunity."

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Maria Ghidai


"I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone when i came here, I would recommend everyone to do that. That is where the magic happens by getting the experience, meeting new people and experiencing life from another perspective."

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Zoe Fack


"ABC made it possible that we could learn more about business consulting, hands on experience and working with real life cases, which make this program really interesting and fun to do. I would definitely recommend this program as you learn awesome new skills, networking, how to present yourself and how to get out of your comfort zone, so I really liked it."

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Riccardo Rossini


"I think the program is really amazing, you get to work in this multi-cultural environment and a challenging competition with limited amount of time so you are really pushed to your limits and get out of your comfort zone. I gained useful skills for my future I would have never have learnt that if I stayed at home."

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Tom Peeters


"The subjects were so interesting that you got into the program immediately. There were business cases which you can implement in real life. I appreciated them very much because I think the knowledge you get at school is too theoretical."

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