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New Business Development

Unlike regular summer schools, participating in Toronto Business Academy teaches you how to function efficiently in a dynamic, fast-changing International business environment. The program revolves around a core strategic learning task: Business plan competition. Yes, you will have the opportunity to devise and develop a unique business plan for your breakthrough idea!

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Toronto Business Academy alumni

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Noppasorn Sirinorrarat


"I had a fantastic experience joining Toronto Business Academy program this past summer. It gave me motivation and inspiration to work hard on my business, and gave me a useful insight to improve my business."

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Melanie Lossmann


"I had the chance to be a part of Toronto Business Academy and fell in love not only with the city but also with the Program that was giving young people the chance to gain experience in the world of business. The program gives you the possibility to work on your very own business idea and meet people that inspire you and make you work hard for what you want."

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Yaiza Rodrigez


"When applying for internship, the thing that companies were interested the most in the interviews was about my experience in Toronto Business Academy, which they found quite impressive. That’s how I got my current internship as brand manager at Procter & Gamble."

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Mohammed Al Safi

Saudi Arabia

“My favorite part of the program was networking. It’s really a good thing, because most of the people here are going to be very successful guys. I recommend this program for everyone, not only business people, even if you are an engineer or computer scientist, because now it is important to have business knowledge for the future."

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Fran Heylen


"The part I liked the most was probably the group work. I just didn’t expect we would have be such a good group and create such a good business plan. I would really recommend the program, because it is not only about studying and studying, but you also get to know the city. Second thing I loved is networking, I met so many inspiring people."

Applications Open
23 JULY – 5 AUG 2023
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