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Silicon Valley

Innovation imperative

We share the secrets of Silicon Valley through our unique innovation tours, corporate strategy sessions, start-up showcases, accelerators, and executive conferences. We saturate your mind with new technologies and future trends from industry-leading experts and help translate them into your current business, and possibly spark the launch of a new one.

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Silicon Valley Academy alumni

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Daniel Benbassat


"People here say Silicon Valley is a mindset, if we took all the people in the program and we put them into my basement back home we could be in Silicon valley. It is the people you are with and the mindset that make the program. It is awesome to be able to talk with successful people and discover their own hear their insights and own personal stories. "

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Anam Tahir


"I really enjoyed working with and learning from the professor, he made the classes interactive. We would learn a concept and then apply it immediately. He was really friendly and easy to interact with."

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Nicoleta Duta

United Kingdom / Romania

"I can say it was a very interesting experience, it is very worth it to come here and get to know people who can become friends or partners in the future. The mindset you can create and build together can be very valuable!"

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Elvita Verbele


"I think that it s a very good program, it gives a good impression about the Valley. I liked to work with different mentors as they were very supportive and helpful. I would recommend this program to students who don’t have work experience but want to learn about the business culture and want to learn about how to build a company culture."

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Matjaž Srmtnik


"It was great to be here and connect with new people from all over the world, a very nice experience! It was really amazing to meet such a diverse group of students. I am from Austria and the whole group was very diverse, I enjoyed getting to know the new cultures and the different mentalities."

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2 JULY - 15 JULY 2023
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