ABC Toronto for Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Learn How to Turn Your Ideas into Pitch Worthy Start-ups

Getting a great business idea is an easy part. You probably have at least one, right? But transforming it into a viable business plan that attracts investors and other partners is where most aspiring entrepreneurs fail. But not you. ABC Toronto is designed to equip you with both theoretical and practical knowledge to transform a business idea into a great business plan and pitch for investors – and later also to a great, successful business. With the help of guest speakers from the real business world, corporate visits to top companies in the region, and expert business visionaries who are ready to share their secrets of success in Toronto.


    A unique opportunity to develop a business idea into a full, professional business plan. With the help of expert mentors.

    Combining lectures and networking, ABC Toronto gives you an opportunity to meet the experts and presents some of the best and most successful young professionals from the area, and lets you learn and connect with them to build the foundation for your business future.

    ABC Toronto meets all the requirements of an academically-recognized subject for Bachelor's and Master’s degrees. And if you don’t need ECTS points, you can just earn experience that will give you credit at your future employers or business partners.

    Toronto is home to some of the world’s greatest success stories: Twitter, BMO, DMZ, Kobo and more. We’ll visit some of them to offer you a first-hand look at how they do business.

    First work hard, then play hard. ABC Toronto includes a one-day trip to the amazing Niagara Falls. And make no mistake: they really are breathtaking. And inspiring.

ABC Toronto

Toronto means business – literally and metaphorically. It is home to hundreds of mega-successful global and North American companies who compete in various very demanding contemporary markets. And many of them have learned how to develop a business idea into a real, successful business right here, in the heart of Canada. And so can you.

Education that Turns Theory into Practice

ABC Toronto is designed to provide participants with practical experience that can be used in contemporary business environments. Our guest speakers and mentors have real experience with the business. The included corporate visits to the world’s top companies offer an invaluable insight into how business is done day after day. And our ABC Toronto Competition is carefully tailored to have use for our participants in the real business world also.

ABC Toronto Is Your Ticket to Entrepreneurship

In addition to giving you the opportunity to learn from some of the very best in business today, the ABC Toronto will also show you how you can become one of them someday. You will learn how to develop a business plan from a given business idea, and sell it to potential investors.

Duration: 14 days

Program language: English

Location: Toronto, Canada


2023 Program
Dates: 23 July – 5 August 2023
Tuition Fee: 2.900,00€ 

Course outline

Course name: Bring Your Business to Life!
Class size: 35 participants
Points: 4 ECTS
Length: 60 hours


  • Canadian business culture overview
  • Lectures supporting Business plan
  • Business plan development
  • Consultations on the Business plan
  • Business plan pitch preparation & Pitching
  • Case study


  • Exhibition tours
  • Corporate visits
  • Guest speakers


From downtown to the most beautiful waterfalls in the world!



  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation
  • Business Communication
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Financing & Venture Capital

What Will You Get from Attending ABC Toronto?

  • an invaluable insight into how the world’s top companies do business
  • networking with like-minded aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs
  • a certificate to confirm your business knowledge and possibly develop your career
  • learn how to turn a business idea into a business plan
  • learn how to pitch a business plan to investors
  • a memorable summer experience in Canada’s most exciting city

Who Can Join ABC Toronto?

  • students
  • entrepreneurs
  • business owners
  • tech developers
  • other professionals
  • anybody interested in practical learning,
    innovations and developing professional ideas

How Do You Get Your Spot for ABC Toronto?

Due to high demand, we, unfortunately, can’t accept all applications for our summer program in Canada. We want to share the experience of learning from the world’s top innovators with those who have a real passion for learning and entrepreneurship.

Prepare your CV to guarantee your spot for an unforgettable summer in Toronto!

Course content

  • Conceptualise the scope of global entrepreneurship and how it has evolved.
  • Understand the differences between the basic types of entrepreneurs and conduct a self-analysis.
  • See how economic resources have determined the changes in entrepreneurs on the global scale.
  • Understand the role and scope of entrepreneurship in economic development on the global scale.
  • Better understand why many start-up firms fail and the lessons learned.
  • Understand the ‘new’ skills required to be successful in entrepreneurship.
  • Realize there is a process involved in building a successful small business and its steps.
  • Understand the key concepts and frameworks of innovation and innovation management.
  • Better understand its importance in economic development.
  • Be able to identify and define the various types of innovation and determinants of their success.
  • Map out an innovation eco-system.
  • Understand the value of the creative process in innovation planning.
  • Understand the importance of team work and see its relevance for survival.
  • Obtain a better understanding of today’s global information society.
  • Practice various forms of interactional, situational and functional communications.
  • Practice various forms of report writing and oral presentation from a North American perspective.
  • Understand the importance of clear, concise and complete communications to raising capital.
  • Define your value proposition and unique competitive advantage.
  • Develop a ‘go-to-market’ strategy for the short- and long-term.
  • Understand some of the ‘off-the-shelf’ communications available to SME start-ups.
  • Build and leverage a toolkit to launch a successful marketing plan.
  • Develop various communications assets aligned with your strategy.
  • Understand the differences and similarities in raising capital globally.
  • Conceptualise the stages of business development and opportunities to raise capital at these stages.
  • Define the differences and segments of informal and formal capital.
  • Understand the basics criteria of small business loans versus angel investment vs. venture capital.
  • Identify the expectations of angel investors and what they look for in a typical business presentation.

Business Plan Competition in ABC Toronto

What does it really take to succeed in business? First, you need an idea. Second, you need to turn this idea into a viable business plan. Third, you need to convince investors to support your business. And this is exactly what you will be doing during your stay at the ABC Toronto - a simulation of the real business world that will help you immensely once you work on developing your own business one day. You will work in teams to develop a business plan from a given business idea, and then pitch it to investors to see whose business plan is the best. You will be supported by experienced mentors and at the end evaluated by a team of esteemed judges from various industries.

Guest Speakers and Mentors at ABC Toronto

ABC Toronto will give you practical experience, we believe that business learning works best when we learn from someone who has actually done it. This is why our guest speakers are experienced entrepreneurs and professionals from various industries that form the backbone of Toronto’s booming economy: finance, law, retail… And our mentors will guide you through the whole course, offering their own practical experience from today’s very competitive markets.

Corporate Visits and Free Time

Toronto offers plenty of globally successful companies to study – and learn from. Our summer program includes corporate visits to some of the world’s most successful companies that are situated in Canada, such as Twitter, BMO, DMZ and more. ABC Toronto is not just about learning. It is also about having fun and creating an unforgettable summer experience for all participants. Toronto is rich with amazing architecture and opportunities to have some fun. And a one-day trip to the breathtaking Niagara Falls is also included. For inspiration. Or relaxation. Or the adrenaline-full zip line over the falls for the bravest participants.

Networking. ABC Toronto style.

An important part of modern entrepreneurship is of course networking. ABC Toronto features young, successful professionals of various industries in the area as guest speakers. But that’s not all. After you get to listen to their secrets of success, you will also get a chance to connect with them – and perhaps start building your business network right here at ABC Toronto.

Tuition Fee & Dates

Tuition Fee
(EUR) €

14 days
Program language:
Toronto, Canada
Possible payment installments:

Year: 2023


What is included in the Tuition Fee?

Tuition Fee Includes:

  • Welcome package
  • Lectures
  • Course materials
  • Networking events
  • Seminars and corporate visits
  • Certificate of completion
  • ECTS transfer
  • 24/7 assistance from our coordinators
  • Exclusive access to our Alumni network
  • 1-day trip to the magic of Niagara Falls and an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life!

Optional extras

  • Accommodation* at Ryerson University Campus
  • On Campus food plan
  • Travel Insurance


  • Different discounts are not cumulative.
  • Admission Fee of 150,00€ must be paid upon confirmation from the ABC BootCamps about your participation. This amount is non-refundable and will be deducted from your Tuition Fee.



Reviewer profile picture

Victoria Bortot


I did the Toronto and Munich Business Academy and I don't regret a second of them! The programs mix theoretical and practical knowledge to show the reality and the challenges of beginning a business and how to think outside the box. Working with different cultures and mindset results with the best ideas and we end up with good friends!

Reviewer profile picture

Scott van den berg


One of the best experiences of my life. Not only did I learn about business and entrepreneurship, in one of the most entrepreneurial hubs in the world, I also got help from mentors to work on my own project and made friends for life.

Reviewer profile picture

Julija Kancler


Best experience ever! I am beyond grateful, that I got to be a part of this summer program in 2019. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a change and is willing to meet new interesting people and also learn new useful things about the business. The team was great and they really made sure that everyone had a great time!

Reviewer profile picture

Gabriel Marques Cavalheiro


ABC is an amazing company. All the employees work with excellence as weel as the great communication, comfort and fun that the program provides.

ECTS Accreditation

The ECTS points are verified by Algebra University College – the biggest private education provider in Croatia! Algebra University College offers top-quality professional study programs, according to the Croatian Agency for Science and Higher Education.

Since 2014, Microsoft has listed Algebra among 3200 of the best education providers in the world. The programs are accredited by European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) framework by the European Commission and meets all the requirements of an academically recognized subject of the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree.



Toronto Metropolitan University
350 Victoria St, Toronto, ON M5B 2K3, Canada


As Canada’s largest city, with over 2.8 million inhabitants, Toronto is becoming a friendly modern city. Home to over 100 different nationalities, Toronto is proud to be one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world! It is truly the city with something for everyone, from street festivals, to fine dining and concerts - there is no other city like it! Toronto’s tech and entrepreneurial scene is booming, with many initiatives to attract and develop valuable startups. Entrepreneurs and businesspeople are increasingly favouring this vibrant city to do business in!


Participants are accommodated in a single-dorm style rooms at Toronto Metropolitan University, in particular, in Pitman Hall Residence – a 5-minute walk from TRSM, where lectures are held. Located at the heart of downtown Toronto, the location reflects the vibrant, diverse and ever-changing atmosphere of Canada’s largest and most vibrant city. The university is located close to some of Toronto’s attractions, such as the CN Tower, The Rogers Centre, Air Canada Centre, The Hockey Hall of Fame, world class restaurants, the Metro Zoo, various museums, shops on Queen & King street, Eaton Centre, Bay & Yonge Street, areas with pubs and clubs, as well as Toronto’s island.

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